I want to thank all my fans for coming to my event. Also want to thank all my fans around the world. You all are gorgeous and beautiful. Really thankful. You inspire me! I want to do more performances for you all! I want to try harder and do better! ^^ #believe


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  • Hope you guys like it! Namanana Arrangement by me❤️

    Ready to hear my namanana? ^^

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  • ❤️ Thank you my fans^^

    3 day countdown to NAMANANA.

    Give me a chance Arrangement by Me ❤️ haha

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  • Thanks to you all ^^

    First day being 27 years old. Here is the MV for Give Me A Chance! Thank you for the support everyone! 12 days until #NAMANANA. Please check out BIO for link to the official music video of #GiveMeAChance.

    Welcome to my NAMANANA land🤟🏻 Stay tuned!

    Do you like my moves? #dance #sheep choreography by @kasper0524