Shedding layers. Double entendre. 🚀

On set in the 80’s with my partner in crime. @mrkelseygrammer You’re a class act! #grandislemovie #louisiana

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  • Missing home. Missing my sunshine. 💜☀️#billwitherskindaday

    The eloquence and grace. SMH 😢 We need COMMUNITY and leadership Sir, not heartless remarks about budget cuts. I’m praying for all of our families and homes. We have been evacuated, but thank God we are safe. There has been so much heartbreak the last couple of days in my area from the Mass shooting to now these incessant fires. I’m sending everyone affected my most sincere love and prayers. ❤️

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  • Ying/Yang, Let’s run joyfully in the direction of our inherent feminine qualities and energies, and develop to a higher degree the natural order of humanity which includes seeing others of equal value and beauty. #kindness #empathy #compassion #beauty #love #spirit #soul #powerfultogether

    You NAILED IT BUD! 🙏🏼🏃🏻‍♀️🙌🏼 Repost @refined idealist ・・・ Its the woman, the feminine energy, the anima that can/will shut down the Trump movement and save America from its toxic hyper-masculinity. @thedaemonbrand #Daemon

    We’re sleeping good tonight knowing we exercised our privilege, performed our civic duty and Voted! #ifeelgood #powerfultogether #votolatino @be @votolatino

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  • Guys!!! Please click the link in my bio for CLARITY on any questions you may have regarding ELECTION DAY on Tuesday. Also, check out my previous post on how to get a ride to the polls with @lyft - #powerfultogether #americathebeautiful #midterms #vote @votolatino

    Election Day is days away! Make sure your voice is heard, because it deserves to be heard, and because it is our privilege. If us as Latinos, want to be heard and want our democracy to work for us, then we must live up to the challenge and VOTE! . This is a monumental moment in our nations history, with so much at stake! Together we can stride forward, don’t be fooled by old feelings of inadequacy or inferiority, YOU belong. #somosmas @votolatino #midterms #VOTE

    How I like my Sunsets⚡️💛 #WineXBesties @simonamalibu @julieskon

    T H I S IS E P I C ⚡️Let’s Ride’ You can't participate in historic elections if you can't get to the polls, right? We got you covered! @Lyft and @VotoLatino are offering FREE rides on election day in certain areas, just text VoteVL to 73179 to see if there are Lyft rides available where you live! #somosmas #votolatino #midterms #history #americandream