Thanks for watching #seriburindu everyone! Amacam? Okay so far?? Relax.. Irfan baru nak panas enjin nak masuk line.. ngeh ngeh ngeh 🤓 —————————————————

Semua dah ready ke tu????😁😁😁 ———————————- #SeribuRindu #Akasiatv3 #DramaSangat

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  • ! جمعة مبارك Salam jumaat! Hope everyone is having a great friday! ————————————- #NoShaveNovember @sunnabeardandhairoil Thanks @pablokaizu_barbershop for the fade 💇‍♂️

    Ready guys???? 😉

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  • Hi 😎

    Thank you for taking the time off just for you to send me your warm and sincere birthday wishes. I appreciate it very much guys! Much love!

    Do your own research. Enlighten yourself. It’s better to know than to assume. 👻

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  • Keep calm and grow a beard 🤙🏻