Smile’ You’re dying anyways 💜

People who don’t understand your silence will never understand your words.

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  • A lot in mind, nothing to say...

    You’re the happiness I was looking for long ago. 💜🐭

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  • In the end of the day... sun WILL shine, happiness WILL conquer, and depression WILL fadeaway 🐭💜.

    Sometimes ... Giving up is a lot harder than holding tight 💜👑🐭.

    Dont worry , I still smile when I see our pictures😊 ... but with some tears 😪.

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  • العشير 😴🍃...

    ملخص السعاده ؟ عيناك .

    احياناً تكون السعاده على هيئة انسان، ويكون هديه من الخالق💕.

    تريد ان تحب ؟🙄 أحبّ ... ولكن أُترك لنفسك نصيب ☺️💚


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