Heart of gold 🍯🌻

You have to eat the dream. You have to sleep the dream. You have to dream the dream. You gotta touch - You have to see it when nobody else sees it. You have to feel it when its not tangible. You have to believe it when you cannot see it. You gotta be possessed with the dream.

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  • I hope everybody’s day is going well.((:

    i loooooooovvveeeeee my baby sister ❤️

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  • it dont matter to me

    never be embarrassed to show your true self! 🤪💝

    dont forget to actually take the time and love youself

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  • a queen never tries to outshine anotha queen. 👑


    Just gimme all of u in exchange for me

    This is all not a coincidence

    you make me feel like a wild child 🤪🌸

    SMILE because you are still breathing.

    im the one u wanna copy. i aint close to everybody. and u know im busy u should txt me never call me.

    a lion is never concerned with the opinions of a sheep.

    pop style

    i hate small talk


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