if my name is in ur mouth yuh a fan PERIODT.

yall take a seat and get some snacks cause i just got my phone back and i have a lot to say so i got my phone taken away cause i "tried" to ditch school but i got caught so my mom took my phone so i just got it back and im so happy but anyways im hella depressed again cause of a few people but like they dont even care,,,mmm anyways this girl was talking about my fave 7th graders so i hut her up and i was like "yhu need a fade" and she said "sure,if i can fit yhu in my schedule" like shes only saying that xause she scary but like should i fight her or nah,,,but like yeah hopefully Isabel gets her phone back soon,,, @yt isabel

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  • iont wanna go to school today


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  • i was so scared today bro lol especially in 4th period


    today was fun😌❤️

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  • allen sounded like my dad today and hazel sounded like my older sister lol

    lmao im makong an edit with this song but idk who to make it of

    me and Isabel r gonna talk our way onto thw bus tmrw

    fuck im going to that Halloween dance thingy on the 31 but iont really want to go but ima go

    @carlee and @aliciadaajointt

    F O R R E A L,,,,😂😂😂

    niggas mad weird cause when yall together apparently your his everything and he loves you oh so much but when yall break up now he never liked you you ugly and suddenly you a hoe like wat?!?

    i be lip talking to my mom when i want chips but iont want my greedy ass siblings to bw like i wanr chips too

    @yt isabel ; )



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