I look awkward like idk what to do

Mrs. Jackson choir class 💜💙💚

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  • This looks ugly but I'm still gonna post it 👽👽👽

    Idk what he's doing..

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  • My bday party with friends

    Put something over my face ~Alex

    i dont like this pic but .. imma post it anyways❤❤

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  • throwback of last year at the movies to see jumanji with my sister and my friend

    soo.. i was scrolling through my following list and i find my cousin Dejas page and when i click on it i found a throwback of me her and ayla being covered in some jgly make up or sum.. i think it was close to Halloween or we were just clowning around idk


    something i forgot to post

    me and oliver got to pray a minute 💖💖

    i finally got to meet my idol jesse Underhill #hills

    With sebastian moy at echoplex #moyarmy

    #moyarmy #hills #olivermoy #jesseunderhill #myidols #mylife #best