Good bye, internet. See you in November. (We're quitting the internet in October. But I barely post on this site anyway so you'll probably get over it quickly. )

Happy birthday (yesterday ) to this vulgar lady. Love ya, Mom!

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  • Fathering.

    Day 4 of no added sugar. Happy 4th.

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  • Portrait mode on my phone knows what's up.

    Found one of my clones running loose at @vidcon @electricpants

    #nationalselfieday #rebel #baldspot #neckhair #neckcramp #nopants

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  • Ada socks. Thank you @chynagrove #fathersdaygifts


    Head of the table.

    We used to pack light. Then we had a baby. Also, an adult woman who hangs out in the background, apparently.

    Finally, my little keyboard is being used by someone at the proper age level.

    Happy World Goth Day! link to a video in the bio in which my wife put this makeup on me.

    "I like books. They're delicious."

    Champion beard puller.