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Addicted to Facebook? Join us! I created TWO Private Groups just for Las Vegas Residents 🏡 . . PET OWNERS - @petsoflasvegas is for education, support and referral! In our group you can ask for advice, share articles and chat about your pet! 🐾 . . PROFESSIONALS - @pawesomeprofessionals is FREE mastermind where you can ask for advice, refer clients and support each other through the rough business days 🐶 . . What are you waiting for? Join our tribe today! Please note: you MUST answer a questionnaire and use a personal profile to join! ❤️ . . #petsoflasvegas #tomakepetlivesbetter #lasvegas #makepetlivesbetter #vegas #facebookgroup #facebookgroups #facebook #lasvegaspets

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  • 5 years ago today I officially became “The Pug Mom” ♥️ . . Thank you @rescuepugs for changing my life with this precious gift 🐾 . . Lily, you have been there for me through the good and the bad🐶 . . Thanks go to @rodneyhabib and @answerspetfood - because of them you are now #THRIVING 🙌🏻 . . Cheers to another 20 years with you on our mission to make pet lives better 💖 . . #thepugmom #pugsoflasvegas #lilyrabini #pugs #tomakepetlivesbetter #puglife #makepetlivesbetter

    If you have 15minutes to spare please watch this talk ASAP 🐾 . . I’ve watched it 3 times already! @rodneyhabib you’re the best dog dad out there ♥️ . . I’m definitely a better dog mom thanks to the truth he reveals every day 🙏🏻 . . #rodneyhabib #tedxtalks #buildingtheforeverdog

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  • Don’t ask me how I do it ❤️ . . It’s all about just finding that one magical moment 🐾 . . #thepugmom #petphotography #petphotographer #petsoflasvegas #makepetlivesbetter #pugs #pug

    These past few months have been crazy 🐾 . . Summer was way more busy than I expected it to be ☀️ . . But, I’m not giving up on @petsoflasvegas and this fall I promise to deliver 🐶 . . #tomakepetlivesbetter

    Penny, you just get me ❤️🐶🐾 . . #lifeofapetsitter #petsoflasvegas #pugsoflasvegas #makepetlivesbetter

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  • I may not be exactly in the veterinary field anymore but I’m definitely PASSIONATE about how to #makepetlivesbetter ♥️ . . Congratulations @daniellesnout on the relaunch of @snout school we need more women in the pet industry who chase after their dreams and do better for the pets 🐾 . . If any of you are in the #vetmed field give her a follow! She has some great marketing advice and although she may practice western medicine vs my holistic lifestyle...I’ve always admired (and will always support however I can ) those who are driven, brave and talented like she is 🐶 . . #snoutsquad #snoutschool

    Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet baby boy 🐶 . . When I agreed to foster you I never had plans to adopt you I just couldn’t let anything bad happen to you 🐾 . . Soon enough I realized, I was your home and you were meant to join our family ♥️ . . Perks of rescuing you was getting to know your real birthday and your allergies may drive us all crazy but you are just the sweetest little dog and deserve the entire world 😭 . . Happy You Day Dixy, I love you to infinity and beyond 🎂 . . #dixondapuggle #pugglesoflasvegas #puggle

    Don’t feed the pigeons but definitely feed those feral cats, not all of them hate you ❤️ . . This weekend I made friends with 2 feral cats that just wanted love, If I didn’t have pugs at home I totally would have brought these guys home 🐾 . . It’s heartbreaking but doing what we can to help them is better than ignoring/shooing them away 🐱 . . #petsoflasvegas #feedtheferals #makepetlivesbetter

    Working Hard or Hardly Working? That is the daily question I ask myself 🐾 . . #tomakepetlivesbetter #lunarabini #vscocam #pug

    Any dog that will stance for food is my best friend for life 🐾🐶❤️ . . #dogsoflasvegas #petsoflasvegas #foodstance

    I will stay up all night every night until this website is purrfect! ♥️ . . A year ago I wasn’t necessarily thinking about retiring from pet care, I just wanted to make a difference in the industry after seeing the lack of education for both #petowners and #petprofessionals 🐾 . . Technology has really hurt us, yet saved us at the same time. @rodneyhabib taught me that with a little bit of creativity, we can change the world with just the click of a button 🙌🏻 . . I hope that with @petsoflasvegas I can do that for the city of #lasvegas 🌃 . . Gus didn’t deserve to drown in that pool, Kokito didn’t deserve to suffocate on that airplane and Talula didn’t deserve to get sick after being fed commercial dog food 😔 . . We as a city will unite and #makepetlivesbetter for all of our furry, feathery and scaly family members and hopefully one day the world will too 💞 . . #makingpetslivesbetter #petsoflasvegas #dogsoflasvegas #catsoflasvegas

    Caption This For Me 🙈 . . #pugsoflasvegas #dogsoflasvegas #petsoflasvegas