Smokin dope nigga is wat i do fwm

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  • They say im dope for a white boi so i blow that dope nigga its only right 45 on deck 4. Shots its ahh body on the street bitch skizz on the beat and i jus murder this shit like my nigga mbzz he said he gonna putt me on bitch imma joiin the moment bitch

    Cheese fries and chicken wings wit rib tib sauce on them from emeralds

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  • I just loose myself in the music to forgett about the struggles i go threw

    @football_boy_20 I y u liked dis cuzz ya lil sis is mooked and look jus lije da monkey

    This wat i bee sayin

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  • My niece jordan sky jacobs livingston in there cant wait to meet u feb 19 2015 👶👶👶👶👶👶

    Dis nigga ugly as fuckk

    My sister at strawberry square wit her new boo

    I woulda said the same shit



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