living our best life 🤪

🤓 .

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  • really the loml ❤️ , i wish she would’ve been looking 🙄

    I need to stop deleting this picture 🙄😂

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  • rest in paradise beautiful ❤️ i love you tia.


    the higher the climb, the better the view.

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  • you make everything worth it ❤️

    you made my life better ❤️ in every little way, i got to experience what pregnancy was like for a short moment, i was always tireddd, slept anywhere & everywhere 🤣 had me craving anything from spanish food to fruity pebbles 😭 i would dream about meeting you & holding you every night, it’ll always be me & you forever baby ❤️ you were my first love & you’ll always be in my heart, NEVER will I forget you 😪 #62016

    my daddy’s birthday is coming up 🤪❤️

    my man is so sexy 🤪 .


    my princess ✨ i love you jaydah. happy birthday 😘😘 #august25th2015 #big3 #latepost

    ✨ enjoying my tan.

    “anotha one” 🤣

    It’s safe to say we all look alike 🤔😂



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