She loves her jumper even if it doesn't fit!

Look like my sister with my nose pierced

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  • Love this girl but where's out ginge

    My daisy riding in the front with her mama #staffy #staffypitbullcross

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  • Curly hair kind if day #plaits


    Back in the gym again and it's harder to get definition after quitting smoking, as I want to eat and eat. I will get to my happy place again 💪

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  • Winter is coming #gameofthrones #winterclothes #flashercoat

    I am so tired I am feeling defeated to my lack of motivation! No gym early night for me..

    First shift behind a bar haha

    Fish curry yummy

    People like this lady that make me wanna go back #napa#napagal

    614 was banging

    When we were a family hahaxxx

    Miss these days and nights with the girls

    4weeks without my boy,gunna miss him and our walks together alone 😞