There no assumption of innocence until proven guilt. Now you are guilty until proven innocent. Schumer said this during the Kavanaugh circus.

I think I need to clean my desk.

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  • Just got back from morning run to Starbucks and Western bagel. Notice my shoes? It has been an unmatched morning so far!

    “I’m gonna get you Trump!” Maxine, Water, you are the Joker.

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  • Senator John McCain wrote the back cover of SSG Darrell Griffin and his Dad’s book, “Last Journey.” Senator McCain is the best example of an American that ever lived. #quickeasyreads

    There is art in everything. What do you think this is?

    Donald Trump’s star in Hollywood. What happened to the days of love, free speech, open mindedness?

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  • There is beauty everywhere. There is always hope.

    Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch discussing our 30 City prayer initiative. Come join us.

    The breakfast of cheap champions!

    Reagan Library - to see Gengis Khan exhibit. Reagan, greatest Prez ever!

    Love Starbucks but their bottles are not nose friendly (if you are sporting a nose the size of mine ).

    Freedom ain’t free. We miss our son. He gave his life for our American way of life. Yes, he also gave his life for the liberal elite narrow minded blowhards.

    A contractor left this in my back yard. I need to check to see if he has liability insurance.

    God - Man or woman? Ample evidence in Bible that says both.

    Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. I lost her when I was 4. This was 62 years ago. I don’t have many memories but they are vivid. Create some memories and take your mom out to dinner.

    I had a little fender bender. I took my car into GTA Autobidy in Chatsworth, CA. They love veterans!

    This weird flower grows abundantly on a tree in my back yard. Anyone know what it is called?