Couldnt be more in love with them. #brothers #toddlersofinstagram #momoftoddlers #boymom #holidayseason #christmasphotoshoot #austintexas

Hey girl! 😘I see you. 👀Yes you! My mommy want to help you have all you ever want or need. You can do this! You are reading this arent you???! So why not you? Put the cat videos down and swap them for something that’s going to bring you in some spending money 💰 For the Christmas 🎄 📷 pictures or whatever you want boo 💋 9 spots for $20 is all she’s got! Don’t get left behind. Your future self is saying thanks for taking a chance!!

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    “Tell your story. Shout it. Write it. Whisper it if you have to. But tell it. Some won't understand it. Some will outright reject it. But many will thank you for it. And then the most magical thing will happen. One by one, voices will start whispering, 'Me, too.' And your tribe will gather. And you will never feel alone again.” 💛 — L.R. Knost I hope you are living fearlessly. These last few years have taught me a higher level of living without fear + facing each challenging day. I’ve learned how to let go, hold on, shove away and embrace with certainty. I’ve learned who my tribe is + absolutely who and what is not. I’ve learned about evil. And re-evaluated what is truly good. If you aren’t on the path you want to be on, change gears and floor it in the direction you want. 🦁 #hearmeroar Triplediamondimcomingforyou

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  • Woke up to new customers and skinny coffee in my cup!! 🙌🏻😍 It’s going to be a good day!!

    Dinosaurs 🦖 and cars 🚙 are this kids life

    Guess what?? Right now. In THIS moment. You have EVERYTHING within you that you need to be successful. No matter WHAT you choose to do. People tell me all the time that my life looks so fun, so amazing, must be great to travel and design my days...but my life wasn’t always this way. I CHOSE to make it this way. I stepped outside my comfort zone and chose to start my own business. I’ve also continued building my business every single day even when it’s been hard. I achieve my goals and live this life because I don’t give up!! YOU are no different than me. You can be successful at whatever you put your mind to. Quit believing the LIE that you’re not good enough, that you aren’t worthy, that you don’t deserve the life you dream about!! God has amazing things for you-but you have to MOVE YOUR FEET. If I can accomplish what I want to through prayer and consistency..then YOU CAN TO. Don’t sell yourself short. You have this ONE life to live it the way you want. You are worth so much more than constantly feeling like you want more.

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  • Happy as a pumpkin 🎃 happy Fall Yall.

    It’s another rainy cold morning here for the 10th day in a row. Feels like 100. I’m beginning to fall in ❤️ with the way our fireplace is coming along. Thankful to have my Delicious Fat Burning Coffee ☕️ and get more messages of people that are coming with us to change their lives 💥 our team is on fire 🔥 and I couldn’t be more excited to watch this come. Random morning wisdom: Did you know that goldfish are kept tiny by their bowls? If we let them swim in a lake, they’d grow 100 times larger. It’s the same with humans! Stop thinking you are smaller than you are... Unlike the fish YOU are not dependent on someone else to move you. So move YOURSELF and grow! 😊

    I had no idea when I started my social media based business whether I would succeed or whether I would fall on my face. 🍎🧀6 weeks in I was making enough monthly to pay for the groceries for our family. 💃🏽Two months in, I could pay for Jackson’s swim lessons. 🚗Nine months in, I was making enough to pay for my car payment, insurance and all bills. 💰 1 year in, I paid off 2 credit cards totaling over $3k CASH. 🏆 2 years in, we are averaging 5,000/month and I’m not only paying bills but saving for our boys future and becoming DEBT FREE! 🗝Today-- it is bigger than just me, and I now have families on my team paying off debt, going on vacations with cash, decorating nurseries, buying houses and we are changing more lives every day. We are dreaming bigger than ever. 🌤 Imagine where YOU could be if you gave this a try. But I promise that if you never try, you'll never know if you could actually change your own life--JUST LIKE THAT. I want to help you and guide you to success. I'm opening just 3 positions for mentorship this week.

    Fall🍂🍃🍁vibes➰make me so happy🍎🍏🌻🎃🌿 Who else just loves Fall???!'

    The coffee you see me raving about every day is now FREE! The same coffee that has helped me lose over 40 lbs The same coffee that has taken our business by storm and changed so many of your own lives The same coffee that gives me energy and focus to battle to wild boys that go go go all day long. That same coffee now is yours to get your hands on when you decide to take the chance on yourself and do something outside of the norm! You’ll actually get 2 bags of this unicorn skinny coffee ☕️ to either become obsessed with yourself or share with your friends and put some immediate cash in your pocket... yall, I must sound like a broken record. BUT I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS COFFEE!!!!!!!!!! You will too! Come on and join me. Its more fun on this side!

    Im so incredibly thankful for God 🙌🏼💗 giving me the courage to say “yes” 2 years ago on a total whim right after losing my job on maternity leave!! Since then i get asked all the time what I do & why I do it!! Well.... for starters, there’s no alarm clocks or clocking in at work ☀️ I get to work on the go everyday doing whatever I want! 📲 My biggest reason is that this has kept me home with my babies the entire time!!! 💗 👉🏼 Did you know that 82% of women 💃🏻 making over $100,000 are doing it with Network Marketing? And guess what, I’ve built the majority of business by the amazing power of social media! 🤳🏼 With out the ✌🏼, I wouldn’t be making a full time income all from my phone & I would’ve never met so many people in my life who i now consider my closest friends, who (the majority ) I also met on social media!!! Crazy, huh?! 😋💕 So... what exactly is stopping YOU from saying YES?! I know you are going to just be amazing, if you will just say yes and get started for 1/2 off this weekend!! 💗

    Porch goals yall!! I. Need some inspiration!!

    Nine months, has come and gone way too fast! He might not remember these moments, but I will forever. Exploring with fruits and flowers in the kitchen sink.

    Days with him are days worth every ounce of fighting for. He makes me better.