Loved designing this dress for the #LM5 album launch party! 🐍 who’s loving the album? And what are your faves?!? 🖤


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  • The way that he touch me. NO I CANT GET ENOUGH! He keeping me up all night long 🌙 #LM5

    Won’t forget how he broke my heart, how you helped me through! 💔 #LM5

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  • When the seasons change and the sun shines on your face yea I’ll be there for you! 🍁 #LM5

    Singing, singing, singing ooo LA la he breaks my heart. I know He thinks about her when he plays guitar, and OOO LA LA my American BOY 🎶 #LM5

    She the baddest thing to ever happen to ya, and that’s the TRUTH! 🖤 #LM5

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  • I don’t need a man. I put my own ROCK on my hand 💎 #LM5

    She is a bad bitch. Made up of magic. Pray to the GODDESS! #LM5

    I have a confession. I’m definitely NOT a black belt in karate 🥋🙊 #LM5

    When you’re dancing in the club, and the nights are getting hard. Do you think about us? 🖤 #LM5

    Come round mine tonight I got wine and makeup wipes 🍷♥️ #LM5