Last night was a movie @russ 🔥🎬 Filmed by: @robdade @mccapturez @msfitx @blanksquareproductions #SOLDOUT

Had a lot of fun going to the Philippines and making this Visual happen. 🌴🚌 • @midnastyofficial x @airspokenofficial Directed By: @mccapturez Assistant Director: @itzfry Drone Op: @huski101 Color: @itswam Special thanks: @hivachris @lifeandbeautywithdendenq

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  • @jordanhollywood “Let Me Find Out” Official Video out now! Link in bio. Directed by @christhedirector Creative Director @edgaresteves Edited by: @mccapturez @blanksquareproductions EP: @flexgoddaps @cr8tiverow Label: @qualitycontrolmusic

    @leekjack “Lil Boo Baby” 🍋 Directed By: Austin McCracken x @miketheproducer DP: @cory burmester Color: @itswam Production: @blanksquareproductions Talent: @imannijackson

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  • @x.ivv just released “Try” 🐍🖤 #LinkinBio

    @iamkevingates “Adding Up” Official Video Out Now! Link in bio #DirectedbyEdgarEsteves Production Company: @blanksquareproductions Director: @edgaresteves DP: @christhedirector Producer: @miketheproducer Editor: @itswam @mccapturez Casting: @sarahmaylevy

    “I Don’t Know Why” 🕍 • @yungeenace Directed By: @edgaresteves DP: @christhedirector Edited By: Austin McCracken Production: @blanksquareproductions

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  • “Count My Blessings” 🌴⛳️ • @christiankuya Exec Prod: @edgaresteves Directed By: @mikebreslauer and I DP: @cory burmester Production: @blanksquareproductions Special thanks to: @chillcapo2 #CuzziGang

    @x.ivv Dropped “Why You Act Like That” 🛸 #IVGANG

    MōVI Reps are no joke 🤮🎥🎬 #BlankSquareProductions

    @Russ Dropped “The Flute Song” Another hit for the Team #DirectedByEdgarEsteves @Blanksquareproductions 🔥🎬

    “W O R K I N M E’ Visual Drops Tomorrow Directed By: @quavohuncho Co Directed : @edgaresteves @oggizery_june Exec Prod: @flexgoddaps Edited By: Austin McCracken Production: @cr8tiverow

    Active ⚡️ Directed By @miketheproducer and I. Had a Blast With The Whole Team Making This Happen 🎬 Artist: @ceraadi Exec Prod: @edgaresteves DP: @cory burmester Colored By: @itswam Actor: @joethepapi PA: @jantzandersson Production: @blanksquareproductions Car Talent: @ieoc_shakira @kdm_zz @christhedirector Special Thanks to: @sandrabthe1 @juicee_3k

    “Drop” @g_eazy Directed By: @edgaresteves Produced By: @kevinbosston Edited By: Austin McCracken Colored By: @christhedirector Production: @rivetingentertainment #LinkInBio

    “Cars and Boys” @avonleamusic Directed By: @edgaresteves DP: @christhedirector Produced: @miketheproducer @mccapturez Cam Op: @cory burmester Production: @blanksquareproductions

    Go check out @x.ivv New Visual for “Good Enough” 🖤⚡️#LinkinBio

    @fuseodg just dropped “ISLAND” 🌴 had fun going to PR with the whole team to make this happen. Directed By my brother @edgaresteves 🎥⚡️ @christhedirector @flexgoddaps @neildearman @cr8tiverow @blanksquareproductions #EditedByMcCracken 🏝🎬