When you get tea from your salon and you instantly feel prettier.

My grandmother's Noritaki orange flowered china is excited to be out of the closet again. #thanksgiving2018

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  • She loves me. She attacks me. #fatkitteh #catsofinstagram

    Pulled out the ol'hot rollers today. It has resulted in hilarious big newscaster hair from the 80s. Someone get me some shoulder pads! #alsonomakeup #dontmakefunofme

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  • While obsessing over these cool succulents at the entrance of a building when dude walked by "they're fake" ....um thanks random downer guy. Thanks.

    Home. "DOC: Xray says not broken but I don't trust it. Definitly at least fractured. Let's do a cat scan" ME: naw I'm good. I have a meeting tomorrow and not wearing a cast. I'm outta here." DOC: "I wish more men were as strong as women"

    Where there is smoke... #woosleyfire🔥

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  • Posing casually by the harbor after my run. I mean walk. I mean breakfast. Same same.

    Good Morning Sunday.

    All my thoughts today are on those fighting and effected by the #woosleyfire🔥

    I bought this to mock it. Turns out it was the best tasting thing EVA.

    San Bernadino. Whatzup?

    It's going to be a chilly 72 today. So fire's on. Because we have to pretend we have seasons here. #orangecounty #southerncalif

    "Oh you wanted THIS notebook?" #fatkitteh #cat

    This is how excited I was to be in nature. Nature was pretty excited to see me too.

    Purple sky tonight. #MyDinnerView #orangecounty