Happy #NationalBoyfriendDay @pucktheman You make me laugh everyday even when we’re 2 states apart! 😍

There’s a reason everyone likes to hang out in my office lol #MeanGirlsDay #WeHaveToasterStrudel #SoMuchPink

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  • SD Gulls VS Ontario Reigns game! Who knew hockey was so exciting lol

    Even thought we didn’t win Battle LA today, we still have the better fans! No bandwagoners in our house! #CHARGERS

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  • Sunday Funday with the girls! ⚡️🏈⚡️🏈⚡️ #SmackTalkingAllDay #BoltSlapped #CHARGERS

    Congratulations @pucktheman_pa on getting your white coat! One step closer to achieving that Physician Assistant dream! #rmuohp #MPAS

    Are we having an earthquake?! No just the bulldozer outside my office scraping the floor lol #WheresTheWreckingBall!

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  • Spent all day with these amazing peeps yesterday and still can’t get enough of them! Happy Birthday @christyyyn ! #ThanksForLunchKevin #DoItForTheBuzz #SoMuchShopping

    Cutting the Cheese! #CheeseBoard #RaeDunn

    Dinner is served thanks to chef @gnarthirty2 !! #SantaMariaTriTip

    When campus thank you cards feature amazing artwork by Richard A. Kent! #OCC #RBMtheater

    Another EVERYBODY event for the books! We had such a fun time celebrating @alicedang and Andrew this weekend! We love you both! Apparently we need to recruit more girls into our group lol #EVERYBODY #doubleahuynhs

    Look who fooled me into thinking I was picking him up at the airport tomorrow night!! Home from PA School for a week! #Surprised