#wheelwednesday sneak peek of the trucks new setup 🤤

#sweetheartsunday is this amazing girl of mine❤️

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  • Forever thankful for this beautiful girl😍

    The sunset looks good, but dang look at her😍😍

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  • Happy Birthday to the kid I consider to be my little brother! Happy 18th big guy!🍻🎉

    I thank God everyday for bringing this girl into my life😍😍

    Sometimes the days I don’t feel like being in the gym at all turn out to be my best workouts. Shoulder day smashed🤙

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  • Forever chasing my fitness goals. 🤙💯

    New year, same goals💯

    Just trying to get those summer shreds👊

    #throwbackthursday to probably the best arm pump I’ve ever had.💪🏼

    I think it's safe to say Coleman likes his uncle😏

    #tricepgains The gym is the one thing that keeps me sane💯

    Got a nice arm day in at planet fitness tonight with my boy @the_stuck23 💪🏼

    Still not where I want to be, but pretty impressed with this. 315 for reps💪🏼💪🏼

    Just a little 7 year transformation, lost some hair and gained some weight.😂

    #transformationtuesday about 2.5 years difference.


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