Got that wedding cute going on.

Today, I lost a best friend. Buddy has been around since high school boyfriends and was there when I had my daughter. At 14 1/2, it was his time. I am incredibly sad about it and I hate that dealing with death is apart of our lives. I wanted to share my favorite photo of him. My chocolate love ❤️ 😭

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  • @jarrhead88 EP cover


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  • This picture sums up my mood this week.

    Bulk bins be like 🙌🏼 Won’t ever go back . . . #packagefree #zerpwaste #sustainable #takewhatyouneed #loveourearth #milwaukee #mke .

    Children of the rising flames 🔥

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  • She is growing up. 😭

    I have so much fabric that I haven’t used and so the other week I got out my sewing machine to make all of it into napkins. I have a lot of fabric to go. What better way to reduce the use of single use napkins and paper towels and use up forgotten material?! . . . . #zerowaste #minimize #loveourearth #trashisfortossers #repurpose #reuse #diy #clothnapkins #sew

    😂Evelyn is the coolest

    Pool party ⛱

    More napping. This is SO strange!

    I think she is going through a growth spurt. Extra eating, extra sleeping, extra wiggly legs, extra crabby. This is the first afternoon nap in a very long time and she decided it for herself. #gettingproductive #growingpains #rosebud

    Come hang out on the patio during happy hour tonight

    Little kids in rain gear is the cutest.