My life partner’s 25. @madstabee #roommates4ever 🖤.

This grin brought to you by :: old friends, lobster rolls, deck parties, lazy days on the Atlantic. . . & portrait mode. ♥️

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  • Maine scenes. #207 📷: @danod0107

    Molitha takin’ in a Sunday view. #nightcap #bellisland 🌅♥️✨

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  • Sweatin’ it out w/ Joan.

    Would prefer to always have this baby in my arms. 📷:: @maggieodz #sisterweekend

    Donna & Jackie drink their way through a holiday weekend :: #MDW edition.

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  • Today we celebrate my Molitha! Can’t believe I get to call this cherub family. Cheers to another year of laughing it all off with you, sis. Our love is ageless! 🌸 #25 #OldMaids #CousinLove

    This one had me in tears! The bravest, most captivating little peach on earth. ✨👸🏻#cousinlove #broadwaybound #Lila

    Sometimes no one is next to you, knocking back beers, laughing off the loneliness. Sometimes it’s just you and your headphones and the speed of the train and the knowledge that you’re going somewhere-fast. 💭 💭💭( sometimes I have @czbrant ) #Momentum #ABQ #PEACE!

    If you stay with us you’re gonna be pretty kooky too 🎶 || #frombushwickwithlove #mates4life #GabeAndCaseyAndTom

    Easter buns. 🐰🐰💞💞

    My ladies. Trish’s big bday weekend. She’s turning 40, obviously. 🌹🌹🌹

    A spritz & a sis. 🌸🌸🌸 #livingforsaturday & @kmillzzzzzzzz

    HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY || I love this picture of my strong, stunning Mama. My model of feminism. I love the way she bangs on the steering wheel and sings Joni Mitchell in the car and how she kisses people so hard on the cheek when she first meets them and says “I can’t help it, I’m Italian!” She is timeless. ♥️