Fast hands Freddy McGee over here! I may or may not have just grabbed eddies ass before this pic got snapped!


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  • Joey @raul_dominguezz


    It’s 2:18 am and I can’t sleep reflecting on the past six years of my life. Today is my little girls birthday! This time six years ago mommy and I were in the hospital impatiently waiting for your arrival! You are the most amazing blessing that’s ever happened to me! Being your father, your rock, your stability, your teacher, the person you go to for anything is my number one priority is life and it always will be. I love watching you grow up, blooming into the wonderful little woman thats you! You are the true meaning of living free, the world is yours for the taking babygirl! Stay confident and true my little lady I’m so proud of you! HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY MY SWEETPEA!

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    High skinnah @captain_dann