Well played Wordpress, well played! This is the advertisement that is featured at the end of today’s blog post which was all about my baking adventures this week 😂😂 #wordpress #blog #pierogi #add

Today I officially received my acceptance letter to be a true Texan (all thanks to @heb ). Come celebrate with me link in the description!!! 😂❤️ #wordpress #blog #heb #texas #indiana #humor #funny #satire

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    I’m too old to stay out past midnight, too young to run for President but just the right age for a quarter life crisis...join me on my blog as I attempt to reason with time...link in the description : ) #wordpress #blog #itsmybirthday #quarterlifecrisis #31

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  • I’m not sure where Wrigley spent the first 7 years of his life, but I’m so grateful that our paths crossed and he came home with us! Such a sweet guy! ❤️🐶 #adoptdontshop #bellcountyanimalshelter #wrigley

    Mosby 7 years apart. The fluffer on the left had so much spunk, so much to live for. The fluffer on the right drools if you pet him for more than a minute, ignores you if you call for him, but can hear the cat food bag move a mile away and would rather be sat on than give up his spot on the couch. As you’ve probably guessed, He fits in well here 😻 happy adoption anniversary Mosby!!

    🎃🎃This isn’t a Halloween prank folks..2nd blog post in a row. Today we explore the parts of life that are truly horrifying but yet are sadly overlooked in the Halloween costume department. 😂 *saying in my best Vincent Price voice...* Read if you dareeeeeeee 🎃 LINK IN BIO #wordpress #blog #happyhalloween #halloweencostumes

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  • I’m usually the “turn off all the lights don’t let them know your home” type of person on Halloween...nothing against the holiday, just not into it..but I came around this year and mom and I made 50 treat bags for her nurses and friends at Dialysis! Mom was the life of the party today! 😂 Happy Halloween!

    Yesterday was soggy, moist & miserable outside. Today it is gorgeous! Hopefully this stays for a while! #texas #home

    My to do list this weekend : ) #readabookreadabook #debbiemacomber #cedarcove #6rainierdrive #caitlindoughty #smokegetsinyoureyes #harlancoben #foolmeonce #thegooddeath

    Another amazing dinner at @salttraderscc worth the drive every time! Great food, amazing wait staff and wonderful atmosphere! 😍🤤 #salttraders #salttraderscoastalcooking #linguiniandclams

    He makes me happy, when skies are gray! ❤️

    Today’s adventure is the Formula 1 Pirelli United States Grand Prix followed by a Britney Spears concert...I’ll let you guess which part I’m here far and which part Matt is here for 😂 #suiteseats #suitelife #turn13 #tracksidesuites

    Quickest trip home ever 😩 #imisshome #nowyouseemenowyoudont

    I have found my 2019 New Years Resolution.... I’m almost 31 which means I’ve been allowed to legally operate a vehicle for more than half of my life, yet I still haven’t figured out the science or magic behind using hot and cold air to keep your windows from fogging up.

    How could you not love these puppers! Lucy and Wrigley just taking an afternoon nap!


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