Love he😍😘💝 @jacobelordi

I miss them! Sorry for not being active I had many tests !!😭😭 I love them!!😍😍 @joeyking and @jacobelordi

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  • And old photo sorry for not be active. 😭😘😘 @joeyking and @jacobelordi 😍😍😍

    @carsonewhite @joel_courtney 💝💝😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

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  • Amigos Esta es la segunda parte que me faltaba Espero que les haya gustado mucho besitos!!!!😍 Friends This is the second part that I was missing I hope you liked kisses a lot !!!! 😍 @joeyking @jacobelordi @joeyking @jacobelordi

    Muchas muchas gracias por todo el apoyo e t c Estoy muy emocionada por haber hecho esto encerio que no pensé que en tan poco tiempo ya nos contestó Joey y Carson ahora falta Jacob y Joel pero de a poco si les gusto este vídeo denle amorcito y compartanlo si no me seguís sígueme x más ah y no te olvides de etiquetar a @joeyking y @jacobelordi 💖 Thank you very much for all the support and I'm very excited to have done this encerio that I did not think that Joey and Carson answered in a short time now, Jacob and Joel are missing little if you liked this video give love and share what if you do not follow me for more ah and do not forget to tag @joeyking and @jacobelordi 💖

    what a beautiful person always full of joy that beautiful novelty is I hope you have enjoyed @joeyking @joeyking @joeyking i love you so much!💖❣️

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  • Me pidieron una foto y aquí se las traigo💕 They asked me for a picture here I bring them💗 @joeyking @joeyking @joeyking @joeyking @joeyking @joeyking @jacobelordi @jacobelordi @jacobelordi @jacobelordi #bellos #joey #king #jacob #elordi 🤤😍❤️

    Happy birthday to this beautiful person that every day with their stories makes me happy there are not many words to describe that you are my favorite actirz in the world but I want you to have a Beautiful day today kisses over here. Isa💗💗💗 Joey king #happy #birthday #i love you

    @jacobelordi arrobenlo así ve la publicación #hermoso #lindo #amarlo #actor #jacob #elordi #jacobelordi 🤤🤤

    Amarlos @jacobelordi @joeyking 💜💙

    Lo amamos we love You so much😘😍😍 @jacobelordi