It has been sooo quiet on this front as I work madly behind the scenes prepping for holiday shows! I am, beyond excited to kick it all off with the @harvestmoonbazaar in just two weeks! Hope to see some familiar local faces!

I got the cutest little 3 eyed stuffie from @revruby7 in a small Halloween exchange! He is so cute he almost immediately disappeared into one of my children’s rooms and I had to go digging into a child’s tangle of blankets to get a proper photo and thank you post up! I had a lot of fun participating in the exchange and look forward to my (late ) package being received anytime now! And Thank you Eve!! #heymob #makerexchange #halloweenswap #handmadeisbetter

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  • How is Christmas already around the corner? My fist holiday show is in less than a month! Here’s a schedule of where I’ll be slinging my wares for any local friends looking to do some shopping!

    Happy Friday friends! I figured I need to take a moment to address the long overdue topic of how YOU can purchase a piece of something made by me! -I took an Etsy vacation this summer, and may not be going back ever. Without getting too complainy, I’ve decided Etsy is not the best platform for my merchandise with their ever increasing fees and wacky algorithms, I’ll be better off opening up my own solo website. I’m super excited about having my own space on the internets, except, it takes a whole lot of work, and this is already a business built after full shifts at a day job and on weekends. Until I get a good block of time to make an Incorrigible website, I’ll be focusing on a few local events and selling things via Facebook and Instagram. Anytime you see something you like and want for your own, whether I’ve got it marked for sale or you want something recreated, just send me a direct message and we can talk about whatever glorious thing you want to make your own. I’m the meantime I’ll be working behind the scenes to get a profesh website where you can browse galleries of styles and fabric options and the like. Thanks for all your support this year, I feel some great big things are just around the corner!

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  • Mailed out almost all my custom orders from the Beginning of September today! Snapped a pic of this matching set headed up north to a cool customer. Have I mentioned the joy I get making companion pieces? It’s the best!

    Sewing tools level up! Splurged and bought this electric rotary cutter to save my wrists and allow me to cut more than 2 layers of canvas at a time. Not gonna lie, I’m more than a bit intimated by this electric finger-chopper-offer, but I’m sure soon I won’t know how I ever lived without it!

    Got in 3+ miles of heavyweight black thread today, the last cone lasted about 8 months, I’m hoping I can make this one disappear in about 4. 🤞🏻Time to go finish the 5 orders on my table waiting for top stitching and straps.

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  • 100% best customer appreciation photo I have received! Got this adorable pic of Boulder the Bunny checking out a new accessory and I just about died from cuteness. (Everyone don’t feel too pressured to find cute little animals to stuff into your photoshoots now )

    ⚡️I got some new Harry Potter fabric I the mail! I was hoping this would make it in time for Comic-Con but better late than never! I’ll try and sew something up this weekend so you can get an idea of scale for this amazing print ⚡️

    Doesn’t everyone need a little rainbow Stormtrooper action in their life? Sending off this custom order from #rosecitycomiccon today!

    ....Becuase it’s Oregon and the sun will soon disappear for the next 9 months. So exciting to get new tools to grow this little business of mine. Time to level up those product photos

    💙New Sample in the house today!💜 Should I stock these magical rainbow stainless steel straws as an upgrade option in my reusable straw bags? These shift from orange to blue to purple depending on the angle, and I’m pretty sure my morning coffee tasted AT LEAST twice as good as usual. I could also order them in black, blue, and rose gold. What color would you pick??

    This may be the biggest, hairiest spider I’ve seen in my life. So it’s with a sad heart I announce I am closing up shop as I now have to burn down my sewing room and start a new life. 🕷🔥😭

    Back at the sewing machine after a 3 day break, the longest time I’ve gone without pushing the pedal to the metal in...I honestly can’t remember when. Starting the first batch of custom orders from #rosecitycomiccon2018 before diving into some quick Halloween sewing 🍂💀🦇🕷🖤

    Got my new sewing pillow all set up for action! Delighted that I finally got this from @geekitup at #rosecitycomiccon and that I’ll always have company when I sew now.

    On the last day of Comic-Con I; •Sat on my lunch •Spilled soda all over myself •Got stuck in an elevator • STILL HAD A FANTASTIC TIME Portland you showed up for your nerdy handbags and accessories and we had an amazing show! I had to take a day to rest and recover but I’ll be starting custom orders and listing leftover stock soon! Thanks to everyone who came by and said hello, everyone was absolutely lovely💕💕

    Come find this Bozo under the Makers Market sign in booth #27 Sunday is proving to be a hot day for geeky bags so hurry over before I sell out!!