"Painting a Song." Birds are the Broadway stars of the animal kingdom. They flaunt beautiful costumes, perform showy dance routines, and serenade each other in a complexity scientists are only beginning to understand. They sing to announce themselves, warn off threats and rivals, and woo paramours. Their language fills the air with music. Birds don’t just communicate; they perform. ___ The Neotropics, with all their diversity, provided a grand stage on which to explore the behaviors of avian song and dance. The first challenge I faced in doing so was a conceptual one: How do you make the audible, visual? How do you paint birdsong? ___ More at @inkdwell Link in Bio☝☝☝ #wallofbirds

Jane Kim and @thayerwalker of @inkdwell are taking over our Instagram today, sharing a sneak peek from their book, The Wall of Birds (on sale 10/23 ) + snaps from the magnificent mural of bird evolution at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology! If you're a lover of the avian population, this is a must-own book. http://wallofbirds.com . . @cornellbirds @cornellbirdcams #wallofbirds #birds #coffeetablebooks #booksofig

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    Happening tomorrow! Jane Kim and @thayerwalker of @inkdwell are our Instagram guests, sharing snaps from their new book, The Wall of Birds (on sale 10/23 ), and the mural of bird evolution at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology! http://wallofbirds.com . . @cornellbirds @cornellbirdcams #wallofbirds #birds #coffeetablebooks #booksofig

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