Happy birthday mama everyday I tell God I wish you was still living but I know you looking down telling me to keep going and grinding I love you beautiful 😘

Damn my boy me you and Quan was just with each other not to long ago nd you took foreva to come outside that morning we came to scoop and you was on all the fuck shit that morning to 😂😂😂 LLNIC You gone be missed my boy No 🧢

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  • 🖤

    The moment you are more in love with the blessor than the blessing, He will began to make you more fruitful

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  • I had to find myself but I’m back better than ever ian come to play wit no nigga

    Jus benn kiccn major flav

    Yah yah

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  • I want sumbody ta love me like I love me like I love dis designer shit

    We jus Yung Fly Niggas 💨

    Anybody can come play da game it's stil don't make you no playa doe❗️

    90's baby shit #UDIGGWATIMSAYIN


    Every time I dress myself I'm da topic ya da trend 🤑

    It's ah dress code but een fa us

    I kno dis money can change niggas dey dont look at you like you da same nigga I jus hope I can remain humble 🙏💯

    Ain ova lookin nan situation

    Live fa taday cuz we ain promise tamorrow 🙏

    Today is a very very special day fa dis lady everyday I ask God wat can I do to bring you back nd he tell me go hard nd stay focus I miss you so much don't nobody kno da pain I feel knowing you ain here guiding me nd Bri nd she looking like you everyday so dats how I kno you here but rest easy Ma I love you happy birthday it's benn 10 years already 😔🙏 #THABIG41