LeBron James hasn't always felt the same way about Cleveland. Catch his thoughts on his childhood and more on "More Than An Athlete," streaming now exclusively on ESPN+

5,502 days ago @kingjames made his NBA debut with the Cavs. Tonight, he's back in Cleveland in the purple and gold.

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  • SO. MUCH. BASKETBALL. 👏 And it's all happening tonight starting at 5pm ET on ESPN.

    2018 is as far away from 1990 as 1990 was from 1962. Sorry.

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  • Stephen A says John Wall should be held more accountable. (via @stephenasmith )

    Russell Westbrook vs. Kevin Durant. Thunder vs. Warriors. Tonight 🍿

    @realjaywilliams thinks this @dukembb team is special. (via @getupespn )

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  • On This Date: In 1976, a low-budget movie called "Rocky" hit theaters. It ended up being somewhat popular 🥊

    25 years ago, Shaq went OFF with one of the craziest triple-doubles ever.

    The smoothest steal you’ll see today 👀

    He tried to throw it down on Zion 👀

    Week 13 #CFBPlayoff Rankings ⬆️