We're talking to you, because Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower have split after more than 20 years together. Link in bio for the full story. (📷: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images )

You're gonna hear her roar, because Katy Perry is officially the highest-paid woman in music. The full Forbes' 2018 List of Highest-Paid Women in Music is at the link in bio. (📷: Getty Images )

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  • Currently replaying Hannah Baker and Zach Dempsey​'s relationship in our head, but it's fine, we're FINE. (📷: @rossbutler )

    Say it ain't so... we've all been saying "Blink-182" wrong this entire time. Is it "one eighty-two," "one eight two" or what? Link in bio for what the band had to say. (📷: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images )

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  • We could all learn a lesson from Luna on how to be fierce and assertive. (📷: @chrissyteigen )

    Sarah Michelle Gellar received backlash for putting up a photo of herself as a reminder "not to overeat" this Thanksgiving. Link in bio for the post that didn’t totally slay. (📷: Steve Mack/FilmMagic )

    Here's a little exclusive for ya. That goes a little something like this: Aaron Carter is expecting his first child! Link in bio for more on Aaron's (baby ) party. (📷: @aaroncarter )

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  • The circumstances leading up to True's birth weren't ideal, but this moment sure is beautiful. Link in bio for Khloe’s emotional realization the moment she held her daughter for the first time. ❤️

    Ellen Pompeo went full Meredith Grey in her call for diversity. Take a seat, get comfortable and take notes because this master class with Gina Rodriguez, Gabrielle Union, Emma Roberts and Ellen is one you're not going to forget. Link in bio. (📷: Getty Images )