Wow new favorite 😍

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  • Got that kiss from @holidaysidewinder at the Alex Cameron show! What an incredible night ❤️ can’t get enough of this music!!!

    Can’t wait to get all these guys painted!! Slowly but surely!

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  • Yeah buddy!


    Cthulhu Wars

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  • I’ve got everything I need ❤️

    Max is ready to watch game of thrones!!!

    Got to see my idol play tonight on the weekend warrior tour... The reason I started playing guitar. Met him when I was 11 and loved him ever since I can remember ❤️ Brad Paisley!

    My sweet lap dog ❤️

    "Nothing else Mackers"

    Max's little legs are the cutest thing ever ❤️

    We are figuring out how to play this game... it's great so far. "Thank you Dark Souls"


    Eldritch Horror is the best @dajohnsays @kaywat22 @marcrogersjr @brownadm


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