Thank you YouTube! for the 💎 play button!! couldn’t have done it without you @jewsicaa ❤️. ALSO ALSO ALSO my movie with @shawnmendes comes out today!!! [ 📷 @nicholas b.hunt @emilyinstamatic ]

WATCH MY MOVIE TRAILER! i made a movie about @shawnmendes and it’s being released 9/28!!! and we’ll be inviting some fans to NYC on Thurs night (9.27 )for a screening! @youtubemusic is even going to fly out a couple lucky fans ❤️ if you want to come details are at

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  • almost there

    the Neistat siblings (3 of 4 of us ) recreating one of our greatest hits. tonight we are at our granny’s funeral, remembering special times from the past.

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  • ❤️ this guy

    New York City summer 2018 🇺🇸

    love running here. happy 4th🇺🇸🎇

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  • one of these women is my pregnant wife. one is a model for @billy (hint; i’m pointing at my wife 😉 )

    PREGNANT AF 👱‍♂️🤰 picture by the talented @christophcollie <- follow this guy 📷🙏