Color blocking 🎨📷 What does it make you think of? #HairWithPersonality ~ 505.255.1761 or for appointments!

Aroara Borealis 😍 Bold strokes of shiny fashion colors! ✨ 505.255.1761 or for appointments! #HairWithPersonality

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  • Aroara Borealis 💜💙 I'm enamoured by the way her color reflects light, I really love the contrast between vivid color and natural haircolor! Never underestimate the power of simple braids, I showed her how to get this style in under 5 minutes, minimal effort for maximum impact ✨ #HairWithPersonality ~ 505.255.1761 or for appointments!

    Something new, something blue... and teal and violet & totally inspired by Aroara Borealis (aka, northern lights ) 📷✨ Over a year ago we did rainbow roots, which was such a fun and bold color placement, and that is what I love about Cecilia, SHE IS BOLD & FUN so her hair has to reflect that! #HairWithPersonality ~ 505.255.1761 or for appointments!

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  • Transformation for the amazing @xszierra 💕 I really enjoyed our time together, I feel like our senses of humor are a spot on match 😉 thank you for trusting me with your hair! ~ 505.255.1761 or for appointments #HairWithPersonality

    When you can't pick just one; A partial Balayage to add flare to an already flawless Ombré ✨ keep it golden, 505.255.1761 or for appointments! 💛 (Top, Natural Light. Bottom, Indoor Lighting ) #HairWithPersonality

    Golden Gradients 💛✨ Momma Bear is stunning as ever! She's also the best for putting up with my photo-taking obsession 📷😁 #HairWithPersonality ~ 505.255.1761 or for appointments!

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  • My mom's gone gold again 💛 Golden Brunettes have ALWAYS looked so good on her, we added a few extra highlights to her Ombré for a little extra flare ✨ #HairWithPersonality ~ 505.255.1761 or for appointments!

    New neons & a strong cut for @renadams2 ✨ We utilized Davines Sea Salt Spray to give her fine hair some grip, after a rough power-dry (using airflow to give direction & set a foundation for volume ) we went in with a flat iron to provide faux-crimping for even more body + a fine mist of Davines Your Hair Assistant Perfecting Hairspray to ensure separation of hair & overall durability of the finished look ~ #HairWithPersonality at Moxi Hair Studio, call 505.255.1761 or visit for appointments!

    😍 Balayage is the best! Super customizable & significantly lower maintenance than traditional highlighting services! ✨ 505.255.1761 or for appointments #HairWithPersonality

    Color and cut completely impact each other, adding depth and leaving a few blonde pieces out changes the flow of the hair cut! Your eyes immediately drawn to the blonde because it's the brightest & there is very little of it compared to the amount of brunette hair in the overall design (a mini-foil can have a LOT of impact for not a lot of $$ ). The cut itself automatically gives direction based on where the hair lays. This combination of cut and color are used to point your eye towards the front rather than keeping it focused on the back, her eyes are incredible and that's what we want to draw attention to--but we also want the look to be incredible at literally any angle! 📷✨ #HairWithPersonality ~ 505.255.1761 or for appointments!