I heard a foghorn in the distance right when I snapped this pic — looking moody today, 🌫 San Diego 🌫

Today at La Jolla

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  • 💥- #shotoniphonexsmax

    last light ✨🌴✨ last night

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  • Under the Mission Bay Bridge

    ‪“Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and say cuss words so I can say them out loud and not get in trouble.” ‬ ‪- #StuffLiamSays‬

    Pelican party at dusk

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  • Early Autumn above Eureka 🍃🏤🍂

    Photography, graphic design, music production… my vocation can be hard to describe. I am one person doing a lot of different things. Wix is perfect for me. It allows all the creative services I offer to live in one place. @wix gives me a single voice to communicate to the world who I am and all the things I do. - I’ve partnered with #Wix to build a new site I can be proud of— link in bio. #sponsored

    ⌘ flight through the Glass Mountains - Original music ‘Where’d All the Gravity Go?’ by me (Cloud Factory )

    Soggy textures and misty moods from the The Glass Mntns