Old but I was cute

Just being me

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  • My baby boy

    Listen this generation is totally fucked up u see so much hate and envy see ppl don't know how to be genuinely happy for someone EVERYONE haves there time it may not come at the same time as there's or when you want it but everyone has there time and sometimes it just might be that bitter spirit that block your blessings 🤔. Idk but who am I just thought I would drop a jewel on some of u bitter spirits reading this 😘#SHARE #PassSomePostiveVibes

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  • When I say I thought I was cold CTFU u couldn't tell me shit


    I'm the bitch u bitches love to hate

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  • I heard you bitches was looking for me #bitchhereigo #kashdoll

    My babies

    I look like a teen I can not believe I'm bout to be 28 next Monday I wanna do a photo shoot

    Tat I did last night

    Old but I gotta bless y'all with something lol #SingleLife

    Inlove with my hair

    Happy father's day

    It was a lovely day

    Looking like a snack old flick