If you haven’t heard from @WMag already, I teamed up with @KateandLauraMulleavy for a one-of-a-kind series of diverse looks inspired by the @Rodarte Spring 2018 collection. I admire Kate and Laura for being such entrepreneurial, independent and creative fashion designers and I’m excited to share the details behind each look. Stay tuned for more this week! 💖 #barbie #barbiestyle

A tulle take on today’s look. When it comes to volume, more is more! 💯 #barbie #barbiestyle

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  • Browsing the best of LA and making the most of Autumn outdoors! 🍃 #barbie #barbiestyle

    Reflecting today on #DayOfTheGirl on how important it is to be surrounded by strong, courageous and empowering women who inspire us to follow our dreams. 💫 #barbiestyle #barbie

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  • Powerful pairs and picturesque prints! We know a thing or two about blue. 💙 #barbie #barbiestyle

    My grab-and-go essentials for the everyday. Did I forget anything? ✨ #barbie #barbiestyle

    Style tip: want to keep it classic with a fuzzy kick? A bold blue is sure to do the trick! 💙 #barbie #barbiestyle

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  • A little me-time is the perfect way to regroup. Leave a 🍨emoji if you agree! 👇 #barbie #barbiestyle

    Spotted in shades of gold. How do you layer your look with the Midas touch? ✨ #barbie #barbiestyle

    Arrived at @FlyLaxAirport to greet my friends visiting LA. This major mural by @OtisCollege alumni @ThisIsCharlieK has my selfie looking fly! ✈️ #100percentLA #FlyLAX #barbie #barbiestyle

    Strolling the local scene in style! A good get-up is always versatile. 😘 #barbie #barbiestyle