Sun is that you? I missed you so much😅❤️☀️


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  • “The moment you make an effort to protect love... that already means it’s not love”-misty 💙

    I think i sometimes miss my long hair💚

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  • 🌺🎀

    When you see ur crush and try to act natural 🐳💦

    That perfect Fuchsia salsa dress🌸

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  • I’ll think about forgiving you if u buy me chocolate 🍫 and cake 🍰

    Turned 20 today 🎊🌹 Grateful for all i have and have done till this day also for all my supportive family and friends. My Life motto is that i will survive no matter what hardships i face and that’s why my tattoo says “i will survive”✨ Thank you God🙏🏻

    Call out my name🌹

    Already counting the days till i go back to Armenia 🌹...

    Short hair back🙌🏻❤️

    Red wine🍷🌹

    Be the king of the jungle, I’ll be the queen of the shopping center 💄🌶

    Take me far away🌹