We're cute #prom2k18 #welaughatourselfswaytomuch

The flowers are music of the earth No sound, just beauty

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  • Work vibes

    Throw back to prom can't wait y'all #livingitup

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  • One day at a time

    It's the little things in life

    Love you girl I know we didn't talk much but you were still the best dodge ball player I know I love you and you will be very missed #loveforlayla

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  • We'd been so sure of ourselves, but now we're lost.

    I had a theory that everyone has a relationship with words-whether they know it or not. It's just that everybody relationship with words is different.

    Life wasn't all nice and neat like a book, and life didn't have a plot filled with characters who said intelligent and beautiful things.

    Q:what if hummingbirds lost their wings? A:Then it would rain for days and the world would know the rage of the grieving sky.

    Prom 2k17 #northcentralhighschool #myfeethurt #idonthaveavoice

    Words exist only in theory.And then one ordinary day you run into a word that exists only in theory.And you meet it face to face.And that word becomes someone you hate. And you take that word with you wherever you go. And you can't pretend it isn't there.

    Can't wait for cross country season!!!!!!!

    This is me and my TWIN brother we were born on thanksgiving day and I love him so much he literally is my partner in crime since forever even tho we have our ups and downs I love him even when he got cancer I love him and will always love him

    Yeah she's smiling but don't let that fool you look into her eyes she's breaking on the inside


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