Hard workers!

Being away from him makes me seriously cry. I love you Kennen Anthony.

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  • Late night baby cravings.. (;

    Because i love gummm!

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  • I love spending my free time with him, also love his curls. Even though his hair is getting waaayyy to long.

    I never imagined my brother making such a cute baby. Hes definately one of a kind.

    26 weeks. <3

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  • Meet our new puppy, & also loving the way he sleeps!

    #butler #hoodie #sofeee #comfy

    #messyhairdontcurr #bbyniggg

    Everything yu need i got it, bbygirl your ah blessing' blessing' ~

    #newshoes #roxys

    #nomakeup #fall #bbybump

    ~ lead me into your arms

    My bae was cute back in the day !

    Ice cream date with my baee


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